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Diabetes Leg Ulcer (Healing Cream)


The following advice may help your Leg Ulcer heal more quickly.

  1. Try to keep active by walking regularly. …
  2. Whenever you’re sitting or lying down, keep your affected leg elevated.
  3. Regularly exercise your legs by moving your feet up and down, and rotating them at the ankles.
  1. How often should you change the dressing on a leg ulcer?
  2. Usually bandages are used until the ulcer has healed or nearly healed, and then stockings are used after that. The bandages will usually need to be changed and reapplied one to three times per week.

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Wound Care

Wound care plays a pivotal role in the management of diabetic foot ulcer, which comprises cleaning the wound with normal saline following aseptic techniques and the use of modern wound care techniques that promote a moist wound healing environment.

How to Treat Ulcers

  1. Keep pressure off your ulcer, especially if it’s on your foot. This may mean you need to use crutches, special footwear, a brace, or other devices. …
  2. Use Diabetes Leg Ulcer (Healing Cream)  which is Topical in nature “Topical” means that the medication goes on your skin.) and heal the wound gradually without having the limb amputated…
  3. Keep your blood sugar under control.

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