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In conjunction with our policies, we work hand in hand with Diabetes Foundations in Nigeria, we also organise seminar on regularly basis to educate Diabetes Carriers, we enlightened, treat and managed diabetes cases for general well-being and healthy life with our Herbal Product.

We shall post the venue in due course, please check back or call 08023120010.. Read all»


  • Why me

    Genes and environment play a role in whether a person gets diabetes or not. Diabetes is not your fault. You have done nothing to cause it to happen; but what you can do now is learn how to take control of your health as best you can. At first, you may not really believe the diagnosis—and you may bargain with the doctor for a few more months so you can lose some weight or start exercising. Denial is common, but when reality sets in, you may feel the anger of being burdened with “a terrible disease.”  Anger may turn to feeling overwhelmed, or depressed. These feelings are natural coping mechanisms. You will come to a stable point, where you will be open to learning how to manage your health and diabetes. With knowledge and a positive attitude, you can lead a long, high quality life.

    What Went Wrong?

    You may have certain higher risks for developing type 2 diabetes, and some of them being genetic. If you have a parent or sibling with diabetes, over 45, and of African American, Asian, American Indian or Pacific Islander, you are at higher risk genetically. A female is at higher risk if she has had gestational diabetes or a baby over 9 pounds at delivery. Additional risk factors are: being overweight, waist circumference higher than 35 inches in women, 40 inches in a man; high cholesterol; inactivity and if you smoke.


    Do I Have to Give Up Sugar?

    A simple directive you may have heard is: "Diabetics can't have sugar." But this is not true! What is true is that many people do consume too much simple sugar is sodas, sweet iced tea and other drinks,and of course candy, and desserts. These foods do not have a regular place in a diabetic's diet, especially if he/she needs to lose weight. Simple sugars raise blood sugar quickly and quite high, and so are not helpful to controlling blood glucose for a diabetic. However, a small amount of sugar, eaten with a meal, will have a lesser impact on blood glucose. The total amount of carbohydrate eaten at a meal, and for the entire day, is more important.

    Do I Have to Test My Blood?

    Self-monitoring blood glucose is an important tool in controlling your diabetes. Your doctor will tell you how often to test and when, and what your goal is. You may need to change your eating or exercise to improve your numbers, but you will also see the benefits of your efforts.

    What Should My Numbers Be?

    Your fasting blood glucose, as well as before a meal, should be 80mg/dl to 130mg/dl. Two hours after a meal, no higher than 180mg/dl. Before bed, 110-150 mg/dl.

    What is A1c?

    A1c is short for Hemoglobin A1c which is a measure of blood glucose that reflects the average blood glucose for the past 60-90 days. Also used to diagnose diabetes. An A1c of 6.5 percent or higher is an indication of diabetes.

    Can I Just Take a Pill?

    Oral medications are usually an important part of your treatment plan. But first, lifestyle changes are suggested--weight loss if necessary, exercise, carbohydrate controlled diet. Lifestyle changes may reduce the need for oral medication, and provide better blood glucose control with medication. We also advise you take Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea for diabetes control, it reduces glucose in the system and protect you from build up glucose, in as much as you consistently take the tea which is better from taking other beverages.

    Do I Have to Take Insulin?

    Diabetes is a progressive disease, and there may be a point in time when lifestyle changes and oral medications aren't enough to give good glycemic control. Trust your doctor's clinical judgment in making the right decision for your diabetes treatment. Many people who feared using insulin find they feel better and have better control over their disease. People with type 1 diabetes must take insulin because their pancreas produces none. We have available the liquid form of herbs that if taken for (2) weeks it shows significant reduction in glucose, it is not like other diabetes control medicine that will bring back the glucose in the system. The liquid herb flushes glucose totally, after totally cleansing you can continue to eat as before, but make the Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea your best to diffuse processed sugar in the system after eating.

    What happens if My Blood Sugar stays too high?

    Hyperglycemia is before meal blood glucose over 130 mg/dl and over 180 mg/dl 2 hours after meals. If blood glucose is occasionally high but not over 250 mg/d, you may not have any symptoms. Symptoms to watch for are extreme thirst, frequent urination and hunger. Even without symptoms, the elevated concentration of glucose in your blood is damaging tissues. Unchecked high blood sugars will eventually lead to serious conditions including seizures, unconsciousness and coma. If your blood glucose levels is high, be sure to avoid dehydration by drinking adequate fluids.

    Do I Have To Exercise?

    Think of it as increasing your physical activity. Moving more will lower your blood sugar, help you control your weight and improve your fitness level. It is a part of the recommended treatment plan for diabetes.

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    The history of herbal medicine is as old as human civilization, thousands of plant species growing throughout the world have medicinal uses containing active constituents that have direct action in the body. They are used both in herbal and conventional medicine.