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In conjunction with our policies, we work hand in hand with Diabetes Foundations in Nigeria, we also organise seminar on regularly basis to educate Diabetes Carriers, we enlightened, treat and managed diabetes cases for general well-being and healthy life with our Herbal Product.

We shall post the venue in due course, please check back or call 08023120010...Read all»


  • Can diabetes be cured?

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    A food supplement is, typically, a nutrient added to a foodstuff which would otherwise not contain that nutrient. In general, the term is restricted to those additives which are deemed to be positive for health, growth or well-being.

    Our Diabetes Treatment plan is just (1 month) within 15 days you see result.....

    Yes diabetes mellitus can be cured and managed, orthodox medicine as failed in these areas, we can beat our chest that herbal medicine is a way out of the ailment, it as been proven that orthodox practitioners as come to realized that herbs and its nutrient potentials profer, treat manage and cure diabetes mellitus, treatment must be under strict observation.

    An herb is a plant or plant part used for its scent, flavor, or therapeutic properties. Herbal medicines are one type of dietary Supplement . They are sold as tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts, and fresh or dried plants. People use herbal medicines to try to maintain or improve their health.

    To date, there is no official orthodox cure for type 2 diabetes. However, when some people lose weight, exercise more and improve their eating, their blood glucose returns to normal, without medication. Some persons with diabetes who have bariatric surgery have had their need for medication be eliminated.

    There are various plant and leave extracts that are meant for treating diabetes mellitus, our Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea as been tested and used for diabetes mellitus patients, even used on a patient that his limbs as been disembarked, today we are happy to announced that our Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea, control blood glucose, provide insulin like nutrients, and reinvigorate the body cells, if taken as prescribed.

    Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research with research code 2011, 3(2):522-525 have conducted research into the leaves and roots we use for Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea, with the keyword: Antidiabetic activity, Alloxan, Gilbenclamide, with the abstract below.


    The alcoholic and aqueous extract of Luffa aegyptica was studied for antidiabetic activity in alloxan induced diabetic rats by oral administration of extract 100mg/kg body weight for 15 days. The effect was compared with oral dose of 4.5mg/kg Glibenclamide. The alcoholic and aqueous extract of luffa aegyptica leaves significantly decrease the blood glucose of hyperglycemic rats. Phytochemical study showed the presence of flavonoids. It is concluded that Luffa aegyptica leaf extract has significant antidiabetic activity which lowered the fasting blood glucose level in alloxan induced diabetic rats.


    In the present study the Hypoglycemic activity of Ethanolic and Aqueous extract of Luffa aegyptica leaves was evaluated in alloxan induced diabetic rat. The continuous treatment of leaf extract for a period of 15 days produced a significant decrease in blood glucose level in diabetic rats which is comparable to that of standard drug Gilbenclamide which is used in treatment of Type II diabetes mellitus. The standard drug Gilbenclamide stimulates insulin secretion from beta cells of islets of langerhans. From the study, it is suggested that the possible mechanism by which the plant extract decrease the blood glucose level may be by potentiation of insulin effect either by increase in pancreatic secretion of insulin form beta cells of islets of Langerhans.

    A decoction of the leaves was reported to produce a significant decrease in blood sugar levels in normal rats when administered by injection or orally. In a glucose tolerance test, a single administration of the leaf decoction lowered the plasma glucose levels in normal rats. In contrast, a single oral or injectable administration of the leaf decoction produced no effect on the plasma glucose levels of laboratory-induced diabetic rats. However, the administration of a lower dosage of the leaf tea instead of water for 30 days produced a significant hypoglycemic effect in laboratory-induced diabetic rats. The mechanism of action of these leaf extracts were insulin-like in the way they affected glucose metabolism. An in vitro study reports that the leaves also have antioxidant actions as well as a liver protective action by reducing free radical damage in rat liver cells (caused by alcohol).

    We are bold to say here that various diabetes patients we have treated with Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea are in good condition of health, and funny enough they are eaten as before, but with warning that after taken intake of Carbohydrates, taken the tea after the meal immediately neutralise sugar excess in the food digesting system.

    Studies shows that even after diabetes is cured and managed, you still have to take the Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea for prevention, to guide against re-occurring of diabetes since you still eat foods and drinks that trigger diabetes, so it is still advisable that regular intake of Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea will flush out any blood sugar in the system that may trigger back the diabetes.

    Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea has been administered on various diabetic patient, in Nigeria, it works wonders, it manage and treats diabetes within the shortest time of usage once it is administered as prescribed, it has no side effect. If taken regularly it enables eating what you are deprived of eating as a diabetes patient. It also awakens dead cells and gives back energy.

    Place order for Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Tea Now.

    How Do I Prepare for Sudden Illness?

    This is a good topic for your doctor to discuss with you. If you have been sick for 24 hours and your blood sugars are high, call us on 08023120010, or 08094064567. If you have ketones in your urine, call us. Avoid dehydration by drinking, and keep track of the medications you take. Keep a record of your blood glucose to show us. Aside we will immediately prepare liquid herbs for your intake for 2 weeks, this will gradually flush the sugar in your system and after you will need to get (4) packs of Udo2 Herbal Remedy Capsules or Udo2 Herbal Tea to complete your dose.


    The history of herbal medicine is as old as human civilization, thousands of plant species growing throughout the world have medicinal uses containing active constituents that have direct action in the body. They are used both in herbal and conventional medicine.