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  • Asthma Overview

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    Asthma is a common breathing difficulty condition among most people all over the world. The common asthma symptoms would include wheezing, coughing and tightness of the chest. There are situations when asthma is also called reactive airway disease or bronchial asthma. Asthma is more common in children compared to adults.
    Asthma occurs to people who have problems with swollen airway. It occurs when the bronchus of the lungs failed to broaden its opening. As a result, people with this condition suffer from difficulty or shortness of breathing. There are herbal treatment modalities which are used for people with asthma.
    The signs and symptoms of Asthma may vary from mild to severe forms. It depends on the ability of the person to cope with this condition. Oftentimes, it occurs to someone who is exposed to several external factors that can predispose them to suffer from the asthma attacks.
    Asthma is a very dreadful disease, and many people are becoming the victims of this disease throughout the world. There are no geographical, ethnic or racial restrictions for this disease. It can affect people belonging to different geographical regions, races, etc. People of all age groups are affected, although kids are more commonly affected from this disease.

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    Asthma is an ongoing disease, among millions of people worldwide. The numbers of people, who are becoming the victims of this dreadful disease, are increasing at an alarming rate. People of all age groups are seen suffering from this disease. Asthma is caused due to the combination of many factors, like the heredity or the genetics; there is nothing pleasant about an asthma attack. Anyone that suffers with asthma knows how serious these attacks can get. Millions of people around the world suffer from it. The causes can range from allergies to reasons unknown. Often there will be something that can cause asthma to get worse. People with asthma will often avoid certain things so they don’t have an attack.


    For the information of everybody, not all foods are considered safe and healthy for everyone. It may sound ironic but this is true. It is applicable especially to people who are diagnosed to have bronchial asthma. This condition often associated with causes that act as a triggering factor. Allergy-induced asthma is one of the most common forms of asthma attack which affects everyone. Aside from being exposed to allergens, eating foods that are allergenic can precipitate the attack. Below are the foods that asthmatic people should avoid.

    Shellfish and other seafood products (such as shrimp, lobster, crayfish, crab, mollusks, oyster, scallops, clams, mussels, and squids) can precipitate asthma attack. People who have allergic reactions after eating these foods need immediate treatment because it can trigger serious asthma symptoms. Anyone with asthma who eats large amount of seafood may suffer from life-threatening condition

    Peanuts Foods that Can Aggravate Asthma Attack By Edterchelle Soriano Anyone might think that peanuts are food for the brain. Yes it is, because it contains Vitamin B12 which enhances the memory. However, this nut can cause asthma attack. This is one of the hardest foods that anyone can deal with. The reason behind this is that, there are several processed foods which may contain nuts. Foods like cookies, ice cream, cereals, salad dressings, chocolates, candies, energy bars, and other pastries contain nuts. Anyone who has peanut allergy should avoid eating peanut because this can trigger the asthma attack.

    Eggs Foods that Can Aggravate Asthma Attack By Edterchelle Soriano People who have allergic reactions after eating egg are predisposed to asthma attack. Eggs are commonly found to processed foods such as noodles, marshmallows, pasta, salad sauces and dressings, eggnogs (a drink made from a mixture of beaten eggs, cream, and flavorings, often with alcohol), ice creams, pies, custards, mayonnaise, and meringue. There are commercially processed foods such as bread and cakes which contains eggs.

    Milk Foods that Can Aggravate Asthma Attack By Edterchelle Soriano Anyone with allergy to milk is predisposed to suffer from bronchial asthma. Milk can precipitate the symptoms of asthma which is characterized by tightening of the bronchus. People who suffered from allergy-induces asthma caused after drinking milk may complain wheezing and coughing. This is common to people who have ingested or inhaled products which contain milk (milk powders). Some foods which contain milk are yogurts, mayonnaise, caramel, cheese flavors, nougat, artificial butter and milk chocolates. These foods can trigger asthma attack. It may depend on the amount of milk ingested by person with asthma.
    These foods should be avoided. It can lead to the worsening of asthma attack. Furthermore, people who are diagnosed with asthma should read the labels of the food they eat. This will help them prevent the impending dilemma.

    In the restaurants, they need to order foods that has no ingredients or derivatives which are known to cause asthma attack. Ideally, they need to ask special consideration by telling their condition to the chefs. In here, they must ask about the ingredients used for preparing the food. Otherwise, they will make a request that removes these allergenic ingredients to their food.

    There are many natural herbs and herbal supplements that can be used for asthma treatment. Natural asthma treatment incorporates vitamins, minerals and herbs to relieve symptoms and prevent further attacks.

    Our Asthma Herbal Remedy
    Our Asthma Herbal Remedies/Supplement have been used for years to treat lung disorders, we started by applying one-on-one contact with asthmatic patient from home and within a week of our asthma herbal remedy/supplement usage, positive result were recorded that it is a curative supplement and are still considered an active supplement. Herbs that have shown at least some promise in treating asthma symptoms need to be propagated, make available and affordable.

    Asthma is a respiratory disease that affects both adults and children and asthma is today one of the most common chronic childhood ailments. There is no scientifically proven cure for asthma but herbs as been proven to have cured asthma. Natural treatments for asthma are meant to complement, or as an addition, to your existing medication but never as a replacement. Before using an herbal asthma remedy keep in mind that medicinal herbs can be as powerful as pharmaceutical drugs and should be treated as such so it is important to seek the support of your health care provider as some natural herbs for asthma treatment may conflict with pharmaceuticals commonly prescribed for asthma.

    The Use of Herbal Supplements for Natural Asthma Relief

    Like all herbal medications, natural herbs for asthma treatment need to be focused on the individual and any natural asthma treatment needs to address environmental and nutritional needs as well as reducing hypersensitivity of the airways.

    A good herbal asthma remedy will help to reduce the incidence and severity of asthma and will form part of an overall treatment plan.


    Vitamins and supplements
    More research is needed to determine whether vitamins or other nutrients may help ease asthma symptoms in people who have a deficiency. Three that seem promising include:

    • Antioxidants. People with severe asthma appear to have decreased levels of these protective nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A and magnesium may have some effect on asthma by boosting the immune system.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids. Found in several types of fish, healthy oils containing omega-3s may reduce the inflammation that leads to asthma symptoms, but the verdict's still out. They also appear to have a number of other health benefits. It isn't clear whether omega-3s from vegetable sources have the same beneficial effects as omega-3s found in fish.
    • Vitamin D. Some people with severe asthma have a vitamin D deficiency. Researchers are exploring whether vitamin D may reduce asthma symptoms in some people.

    A multivitamin or supplement pill may help you get nutrients, but the best way to make sure you're getting adequate nutrition is to eat a varied diet rich in fresh, unprocessed foods.

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    Asthma is a very dreadful disease, and many people are becoming the victims of this disease throughout the world. There are no geographical, ethnic or racial restrictions for this disease. It can affect people belonging to different geographical regions, races, etc. People of all age groups are affected, although kids are more commonly affected from this disease.