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In conjunction with our policies, we work hand in hand with Diabetes Foundations in Nigeria, we also organise seminar on regularly basis to educate Diabetes Carriers, we enlightened, treat and managed diabetes cases for general well-being and healthy life with our Herbal Product.

We shall post the venue in due course, please check back or call 08023120010... Read all»


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    We use only plants that are either certified organically, cultivated, and grown without herbicides or pesticides, or sustainable in their native habitat to ensure conservation of wild plants for future generations.


    Weight Control: Weight loss helps individuals better control their blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. And, when a person with diabetes controls these levels, it helps to reduce their risk of kidney disease, eye disease, nervous system disease, heart attack, and stroke.

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    High Blood Pressure: About 70 percent of people with diabetes have high blood pressure. Adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely than people without diabetes to die of heart disease or experience a stroke. Controlling your weight helps you control your blood pressure.

    High Cholesterol: Cholesterol is affected by weight, blood pressure and blood sugar. If your blood sugar and blood pressure are high, your cholesterol numbers may be high which could place you at risk for heart disease. Controlling your weight helps you control your cholesterol!

    Food Supplements

    Several ranges of food supplements are recognized:

    • additives which repair a deficit to "normal" levels
    • additives which appear to enhance a food
    • supplements taken in addition to the normal diet

    Many physicians today disagree with the premise that foodstuffs need supplementation, but accept that - for example - added calcium may provide benefit, or that adding folic acid may correct a nutritional deficiency especially in pregnant women.
    On a more controversial level, but well founded in scientific basis, is the science of using foods and food supplements to achieve a defined health goal. A common example of this use of food supplements is the extent to which body builders will use amino acid mixtures, vitamins and phytochemical to enhance natural hormone production, increase muscle and reduce fat.
    Moving on from this reasonably accepted usage, there is increasing evidence for the use of food supplements in established medical conditions. This nutritional supplementation using foods as medicine (nutraceuticals) has been effectively used in treating disorders affecting the immune system up to and including cancers. This goes beyond the definition of "food supplement", but should be included for the sake of completeness.

    Food supplements
    There are several main groups of food supplements which can be considered:


    Phytochemistry: Works has been done by many scientists in the field of phytochemical investigation of the plant we use. The reported chemical examination of the plant we use showed the presence of, carbohydrates, carotene, fat, protein, amino acids, alanine arginine, cystine, glutamic acid, glycine, hydroxyproline, leucine, serine, tryptophan, pipe colic acid, flavonoids and saponins.